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[:aint nobody got time fo dat]DarrenKTG
[:ambrose nope]DarrenKTG
[:bad joke darren]DarrenKTG
[:Big Boss Man]DarrenKTG
[:boo this man]DarrenKTG
[:brad dance]DarrenKTG
[:captain godwin]DarrenKTG
[:ca tourne]DarrenKTG
[:cest de la merde]DarrenKTG
[:cest inconvenant]DarrenKTG
[:cest passionnant]DarrenKTG
[:clap clap clap]DarrenKTG
[:cole dance]DarrenKTG
[:cool story bro]DarrenKTG
[:dont try this at home]DarrenKTG
[:drugs are bad]DarrenKTG
[:elegant cadre noir]DarrenKTG
[:EL OH EL]DarrenKTG
[:Feel The Energy]DarrenKTG
[:five star post]DarrenKTG
[:fuck this company]DarrenKTG
[:fuck this shit]DarrenKTG
[:god damn jews]DarrenKTG
[:grosses couilles]DarrenKTG
[:HA GAY]DarrenKTG
[:how about bwarf]DarrenKTG
[:how about no]DarrenKTG
[:i dont want to live on this planet anymore]DarrenKTG
[:I love you]DarrenKTG
[:implosion de batista]DarrenKTG
[:implosion de la cenation]DarrenKTG
[:implosion du fmi]DarrenKTG
[:implosion du gouvernement]DarrenKTG
[:it hurts to live]DarrenKTG
[:i win lol]DarrenKTG
[:Jean Culdur]DarrenKTG
[:je pete le feu]DarrenKTG
[:je sors]DarrenKTG
[:journalisme total]DarrenKTG
[:karma down]DarrenKTG
[:la bite de titus o neil]DarrenKTG
[:la liberte lol]DarrenKTG
[:laurinaitis approuve]DarrenKTG
[:les adultes parlent]DarrenKTG
[:Major Tom et TDS]DarrenKTG
[:Manif Pour Moos]DarrenKTG
[:mark alert]DarrenKTG
[:miss france 2011]DarrenKTG
[:mother of god]DarrenKTG
[:nah bro]DarrenKTG
[:nain priapique]
[:no nooooo]DarrenKTG
[:now kiss]DarrenKTG
[:oh baby]DarrenKTG
[:oh my lord]DarrenKTG
[:O Reilly]DarrenKTG
[:plus un]DarrenKTG
[:prepare your anus]DarrenKTG
[:punk wink]DarrenKTG
[:qui la veut ma teub]DarrenKTG
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