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[:fuck you]A.N. O'Nymmefuck you
[:youpi]hfryouhou youpee youpi
[:thank you]DarrenKTG
[:I love you]DarrenKTGi love you
[:you re fired]gle
[:you dont say]TDS
[:I baboon you]TDS
[:joke s on you]gle
[:fuck you blob]tankey
[:you make me sad]garcimore
[:You gonna get got]DarrenKTG
[:oh stop it you]TDS
[:i listen to you]tankey
[:because fuck you]TDS
[:dovakor loves you]hfr
[:the joke is on you]Tofe
[:dovakor loves you:4]hfr
[:dovakor loves you:3]hfr
[:dovakor loves you:2]hfr
[:dovakor loves you:1]hfr
[:dovakor loves you:5]hfr
[:i made you a cookie]Elly
[:youre welcome]TDS
[:thankyou]claudexthank you
[:carlos youkoull]hfr
[:silice youniste]hfr
[:if you know what i mean]TDSif you know what i mean
[:silice youniste:3]hfr
[:silice youniste:4]hfr
[:silice youniste:5]hfr
[:silice youniste:6]hfr
[:silice youniste:7]hfr
[:silice youniste:8]hfr
[:silice youniste:9]hfr
[:prepare your anus]DarrenKTG
[:silice youniste:1]hfr
[:silice youniste:2]hfr
[:doc skeyou]hfr
[:silice youniste:10]hfr
[:prosper youplaboum]hfr
[:captain gouyou]hfr
[:I m slowly getting tired of your bullshit]gle
[:croustillou:3]hfryoupi youhou
[:aulas y rahmo:4]hfryou voyou
[:mamadou frogpa:4]hfrvoyou
[:mamadou frogpa:3]hfrvoyou
[:mamadou frogpa:5]hfrvoyou
[:SeeWhatYouDidThere]Chenipottesee what you did there
[:marthe ymacphlie:5]hfryoutube
[:areyoufuckingkiddingme]DarrenKTGare you fucking kidding me
[:double deuce:2]hfryou
[:hot link]hfryoupi
[:douchebag forever:5]hfryour
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