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[:bird up]hfr
[:shut up]Marotte
[:karma up]hfr
[:power_up]zeodrakepowerup power_up power up
[:bird up:3]hfr
[:bird up:2]hfr
[:bird up:1]hfr
[:giga_power_up]zeodrakepowerup power up power_up
[:super_power_up]zeodrakepower_up power up powerup
[:mega_power_up]zeodrakepowerup power up power_up
[:shut up and take my money]DarrenKTG
[:shut up and take my rings]devnewton
[:shut up and take my orens]devnewton
[:powerup]zeodrakeup powerup
[:loup gris]hfrloup
[:megapowerup]zeodrakepower up
[:zoup tralala]hfr
[:zoup tralala:1]hfr
[:a t t i c u s:3]hfrsouple
[:bou_le_loup tt]hfr
[:coup de barre]gle
[:coup de tonnerre]gle
[:42 ducks sur un mur]hfrstupid
[:un canard en hiver:2]hfrsoupe
[:42 ducks sur un mur:1]hfrstupid
[:chat encore plus triste que le chat triste mais qui n est pas represente par un vrai chat encore plus triste que le chat triste car les chats jouent mal du coup on n en a pas alors on se contente du chat triste originel]Elly
[:alain danse]hfrjuppe
[:akhoran:3]hfrYoupi Loup
[:agkklr]hfrsupplie supplier
[:a chile:1]hfrinsupportable
[:a chile:4]hfrsuper
[:arcueid brunestud]hfrsuper
[:aqualung:2]hfrsupair super
[:anus en fleur]
[:antoine grise mine:8]hfrcoupe
[:antoine grise mine:6]hfrcoupe
[:antoine grise mine:4]hfrcoupe
[:antoine grise mine:3]hfrcoupe
[:antoine grise mine:2]hfrcoupe
[:antoine grise mine:1]hfrcoupe
[:alain danse:1]hfrjuppe
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