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[:this is fine]gle
[:boo this man]DarrenKTGboo this man
[:Thismatch]ShowtimeCDC This Match Showtime
[:fuck this shit]DarrenKTGfuck this shit
[:this is impressive]DarrenKTG
[:fuck this company]DarrenKTG
[:anthis 50]hfr
[:dont try this at home]DarrenKTG
[:this pleases randy orton]DarrenKTG
[:i dont want to live on this planet anymore]DarrenKTG
[:john_tgv:3]hfrthis This
[:trunckpetit:4]hfrthis This
[:trunckpetit:1]hfrThis this
[:le pepe]hfrThis this
[:gordon shumway:3]hfrThis
[:henrysitas:8]hfrthis This
[:360no2:6]hfrdontwanttoliveonthisplanet dontwanttoliveonthisplanetanymore
[:moonblood2:7]hfrthis This
[:moonblood7]hfrThis this
[:moonblood9]hfrThis this
[:moonblood9:1]hfrThis this
[:simsounet]hfrgrimpoteuthis, grimpoteuthis
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