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[:bc-a]hfrfaim reclame
[:boy a]hfrtrollface haha tasse cafe classe 4chan blague ca ordinateur ouais webface
[:a_bon]hfrwabon ahbon narquin bachelot
[:lud_a]hfrbraquage gangster bandana sadfrog
[:g-a-s]hfrmoustache casquette gas
[:a-m13]hfrmedicament juvamine juvabien vitamines
[:a-side]hfrthickhead lascard souriard
[:a_nsar]hfrlaporte quand vraiment ahouais
[:tete a tete]Krivdowconvivial face regarder
[:boy a:2]hfrdad 4chan staredad
[:boy a:1]hfrahah haha hilarant hilare marrant Obama obama way
[:at]fredx2@ email mail at
[:g-a-s:4]hfryeah classe
[:a chile]hfrcamion
[:ad]devnewtondance ass
[:g-a-s:2]hfrguitare telecaster yace yacelulo gay moustache gas
[:g-a-s:1]hfrcasquette moustache bear gas pedobear
[:a-m13:1]hfrbizarre chat a-m13 cat wat appeure am13 what
[:a-m13:2]hfrregard park southpark mackey
[:boy a:5]hfrbean Bean
[:boy a:4]hfrfacebook mark Mark Facebook face haha
[:boy a:3]hfrlaporte pas mal
hfrhappy black gay
[:il a ri]hfrpersonnalite hillary haha democrate
[:k o k i a]hfrsauter amuser saut raquette
[:a_hrock]hfrchateau kasteel
[:_k a o s_]hfrmechant kissa 4chan chat
[:h a w k]hfrdanse yaisse supayr gagne gagnant
[:a a a rating]hfrpain bash aie tacle patate gant
[:il a ri 8]hfrdemocrate dubitatif grat gratter hillary main personnalite regard
[:a1k]hfrredface panneau
[:aaa]hfrmarques spirale dreamcast sega
[:a chile:1]hfrmathy insupportable naine langue
[:a chile:2]hfrcampage campement camping
[:a chile:3]hfrjoeystarr tarlouze rappeur rap starr racaille gangsta tafiole
[:a chile:4]hfra ouais minaj geniale formidable
[:a chile:5]hfrass nana marche arsch bonnasse claire
[:a chile:6]hfrcontemporain canape accueil
[:a chile:7]hfrclassic cathedrale Quasimodo Paris Dame
[:a chile:8]hfrvamp mamy Vamps
[:aha]hfrfamille caca
[:ahe]hfrchat Chat
[:a_hrock:1]hfrvapeur karmeliet
[:aia]hfrsante copain pastis pastis51 ricard alcool apero
[:akt]hfrcatherine effraye hannn lanta effrayer whao whaouh
[:alb]SeeSchlosscirculaire cana mauve
[:am7]hfrabrutie laid laide
[:ARB]Le_Comteindépendantisme combat
Putifutopascliquai chatte
[:asv]Tritonjvachez asv
[:a vampire]hfrlapin vampire satisfait satisfaction fantome happy transparent
[:axl]hfrjihad barbu barbe arme
[:il a ri 2]hfrhillary haha democrate personnalite
[:il a ri 3]hfrpersonnalite regard hillary mechant democrate
[:il a ri 4]hfrhillary personnalite mechant argh regard democrate
[:il a ri 5]hfrregard personnalite hillary democrate
[:il a ri 6]hfrhillary regard democrate mechant personnalite main
[:il a ri 7]hfrhillary argh personnalite democrate
[:k o k i a:1]hfrblanc haha 4chan trollface coolface
[:k o k i a:2]hfrtrollface 4chan scam haha coolface blanc black
[:k o k i a:3]hfrtaper frappe frapper lapin marre prozac tape arf
[:k o k i a:4]hfr4chan enrage enrager frustration furax haine haïr humain putain rageguy rager hair
[:k o k i a:5]hfrhaha counasse benladen barbu arabe laden islamiste islam taliban
[:sanchez a]hfrrisitas
[:vu a la tv]thoasm
[:a 4 pattes]tankey4pattes
[:komz a ran]hfrembrasse embrasser baiser
[:am73]hfryeah shay bras
[:am72]hfrdebardeur majeur marcel cigarette
[:c h a v e z]hfrdrapeau pays
[:aloy]hfrorthographe rectification exac francais grammaire maitre aloy maître alexsilvio capello capelovici fraais exact
[:allo]DarrenKTGallo Nabilla
[:alig]Cegonhaali g indahouse respect westside
[:abab]hframour bandeau
[:agla]hfrenthousiasme agla macias saut saute sauter sautille sautiller
[:asu5]hfrenora lapin énora
[:agad]finssmalcom orange mecanique
[:angx]hfrpanneau noname
[:a t t i c u s]hfranimal classe chat elegant cat
[:axeI]Putifutowaf axel
[:ayou]hfrsatan diable mechant
[:azyl]hfrazyl dommage girafe mais
[:amra]hfrcandide dread rasta nigaud naturel naif dreadlocks dreadlock souriant
[:amg1]hfrroadrunner road cartoon
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